"In Keeping with my promise to create exciting New and Independent Careers for people like myself,
who work best when working for themselves, a New Beginning awaits you.

However, as in all important matters, Timing is Everything!
The Decisive ones, - I have learned the hard way - Always Rule the Day.

How we Rule the Day, is by Ruling the Moment !"
- Kevin Hall - Founder

The Final Frontier !

This road which being built, is no different than those which run along every avenue in the world.
Because, we are creating an ingenious bridge, between the Cyber and Cement realms, it allows for a whole new set of entrepreneurs to establish new footholds into real world zones, which were before, claimed and monopolized.
In doing so, the door to a rare chance to build new empires, which are more fluid and powerful, than all which came before, is now open.
In your city, there are thousands of dramatic and important moments and events, which are only available in select spaces and times.
Most cannot access these slots of space and time, due to distance, lack of experience, network, or expertise.
These select slots are opportunity points, which can offer a thousand experiences, interactions and connections between people, places, and things; and the ability to create many more, which were before, impossible to even imagine.
Now each one of those spaces, and moments in time, are within your power to distribute for a person as close as your neighbor, or as far, as the other side of the globe.
All of the above will not only be highly beneficial to you as an area lord, but to every business and individual in your area, and out.

Select your chosen areas.

Area Units are divided into 1 mile; or 1.6 kilometer lots.
First time applicants are limited, to locking 3 areas, however you can bid on as many as you desire.
Quick access to your areas is important for us, thus unless you plan on immediately hiring agents, we would prefer that you reside in, or near your chosen zones until such time as you do hire additional help.
Note: Most will eventually hire agents, as growth, new ideas, and requests for additional services spring up.
Please be conservative however, by selecting only what you can fully utilize.
Naturally, Premium Areas Will Go First and Fast!
Winning first year reservation bid on any area, gives you the opportunity for long term control.
The determining factors to win you area are:
Proposed Area Use, & Amount of your bid.
Which factor holds more power?
Area use is important for longevity, and higher bids allows more powerful promotion of us all, thus they are equally important.
- Minimum bid is only $299 -
In addition, as we prepare for our official grand opening in Spring of 2018, those which to sign up before then, can gain up to an an extra 6 months added to your first year, for a total of 18 months before renewal.
You can use the extra months to prepare your business and align it with our launch; or you can open your business within weeks of signing up, as the technology, and systems are in place to begin many services.
To further assure your future success, 2nd year annual reservation license and beyond, are set at a max of 6% of area gross.

Area Selection Map

After Outlining your area selections in the map below, use the form at the bottom of the page, to submit your choices.
Note: Some smart phone screens may not be equipped to properly handle this map. So if you encounter problems, please perform this very important step on a larger system.

How to Use

Touch or place your pointer on the map to move it to your chosen area.
Then to zoom in, use the plus minus buttons, fingers, scroll wheel, or double click the left mouse button.
Write down your area selections. Please include each street in every direction which outlines your areas.
Lastly please, add the approximate section of the city; North west, ect.
Please allow 24 hours Monday -to- Friday for our reply.
We Look Forward to Working with You!
*(denotes required field)

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